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Favorite TED Talks

A Favorite TEDTalk

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Most depression is caused by situations in our lives and things we need that are missing like belonging and purpose.  Depression and anxiety are messagers telling us that we [...]

Embrace Being Wrong


Have you ever been wrong?  Do you avoid making decisions because you could not stand to be wrong? I have been wrong.  I married the wrong person, but had the opportunity to [...]

Brene Brown’s TED talk


I am sharing one of my favorite TED talks today. This talk is by Brene Brown. On the subject of vulerability. I hope you enjoy it, learn from it, and feel validated by [...]

The Happy Secret to Better Work


  Sharing a TED Talk by researcher Shawn Achor about positive psychology.  If you can find a way to become positive in the present, then your brain works even more [...]