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Mental Health Companions

If you type mental health companion into a search engine you will get lots of sites about companion animals.  Animals can be very helpful when dealing with anxiety, loneness, and stress.  Pets bring unconditional love into our lives, which means they love us wholeheartedly, despite our issues.   Petting them helps put a stressful day behind us.  Just their sitting near by can calm nerves.   They bring life, love, and joy to a lonely household.

My own life has been enhanced by a huge parade of animal companions.  Cats, Dogs, Rabbits, Birds, Hamsters, Rats, Fish, Horses, Ducks, & Chickens.  My current mental health companion, pictured here is Pumpkin.  My life wouldn’t be the same without this wonderful cat.

A word of caution: young pets ( no matter how cute) that need to be potty trained and just plain trained in general can increase your anxiety or stress and your anger.  If you think that might be an issue for you I suggest you adopt an older animal.  Senior pets need love and give love too.

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