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Doing It Your Way


You need to be living your life your way.  To fit your personality, not someone else’s.  Trying to do it all the way others do or say you should only leads to feels [...]

Awaken to “The Power of Off”


Scary as it is to admit, I once walked by my own children at the end of a workday, offering them just a quick nod on my way to get to my email, and it wasn’t as if I was [...]

Windshield Time Can Be Sacred Time


Ideas for creating a sacred space that can come with you on errands, during your commute, and even on long road trips Source: Windshield Time Can Be Sacred [...]

Bitter Sweet Days

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Today is Mother’s Day and for many mothers it is more of a bitter day than a happy one.  There are moms out there that have lost a child.  Moms who don’t have [...]

Why I Started This Blog


A reader sent me a message thanking me for this blog and asking me why I began writing it. I began this blog for my counseling clients.  Therapy sessions are short.  It [...]