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Awaken to “The Power of Off”


Scary as it is to admit, I once walked by my own children at the end of a workday, offering them just a quick nod on my way to get to my email, and it wasn’t as if I was [...]

Windshield Time Can Be Sacred Time


Ideas for creating a sacred space that can come with you on errands, during your commute, and even on long road trips Source: Windshield Time Can Be Sacred [...]

Bitter Sweet Days

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Today is Mother’s Day and for many mothers it is more of a bitter day than a happy one.  There are moms out there that have lost a child.  Moms who don’t have [...]

Why I Started This Blog


A reader sent me a message thanking me for this blog and asking me why I began writing it. I began this blog for my counseling clients.  Therapy sessions are short.  It [...]

A Day In My Life


When ever I read something like this blog I always wonder, “Is this person practicing what they preach?”  I thought I would share about my routine, just in case [...]