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Private Time

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Are you answering emails at breakfast, lunch, and dinner?  Getting up at 5AM to do the laundry?  Baking school cupcakes at 10PM?  Reading work related material in bed at [...]


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Forgiveness is about us moving on from the past.  Forgiveness isn’t about condoning wrongdoing.  It’s not about us deciding that what the other person did is [...]

Standing Like Wonder Woman


I tell clients that feel “less than” or “powerless”  to stand like Wonder Woman in their room every morning (men stand like superman). They always [...]

Dealing With Rejection


Everyone has been rejected a some point in life.  It is part of the human experience.  We all lose friends, get turned down for a date, don’t get the job or [...]

The Four Tendencies


I recommend reading ‘The Four Tendencies”  by Gretchen Rubin. You take the quiz to find out what your tendency is.  What would you guess today without taking [...]

Give Others A Break


People can really stress you out!  But giving them a break can actually be giving yourself a break.  Don’t keep a running list of everything you dislike about [...]

Getting Ready for Work


As a mental health professional, I spend my days dealing with other peoples emotions and working to help them make the life changes they require.  I need to be in the right [...]

Getting Blasted


It happens to us all; that person who blasts us out of the blue and leaves us standing there without a clue of what we done to provoke the attack.  It might be a friend or [...]

Impossible People

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Difficult people are going to pop up from time to time.  And you are going to have to deal with them.  If you have a job that requires working with the public it will [...]