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Sharing some affirmations you can use to practice radical self-acceptance.  Look into the mirror and repeat: I’m perfect just the way I am. I deserve good things. [...]

Road To Your Next Decision

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Here some ideas for making good decisions.  Not every decision will require all of these steps, but the big ones will.    Define the goal or problem you need to make a [...]

3 Things You Can Stop Worrying About


Number one.  You can stop worrying that you think too much. Most people have around 50,000 thoughts per day.  50,000!  Can be even more. Number two.  You can stop [...]

Guided Sleep Meditations


    We all have trouble sleeping on occasion.  When it happens to me I turn to guided meditations. I just found these from Spirituality & Health.  I think [...]

5 Things to Do Differently

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Here are five things to do differently at least on occasion to decrease your stress. Read a book.  No a real book with pages you turn. No bells or vibrates to distract [...]

Reaching a Goal

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A goal I have for the new year is to improve my health as I am a diabetic I think it is a worthwhile goal.  I will attempt to achieve this goal by working to improve eating, [...]