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How to Lend Your Support


What can you actually do to support those in grief, those dealing with illness, or recovering from trauma? Be Present.  You might just spend time hanging out with this [...]

Own Your Feelings


Did you know that we all experience 10 to 15 emotions every day?  If you have noticed this about yourself it means you are human, not overly emotional or too sensitive.  Be [...]

Why Worry?


We all worry.  Some of us more than others.  Some of us believe that if we worry it will keep the bad things from happening.  I secretly believe that if I worry I will [...]

The Secret Sauce


When it comes to being happy everyone is looking for the secret sauce. That stuff that adds flavor.  We all run around trying new things and new people looking for that [...]

Unconditional Happiness


We all have a good idea of what unconditional love is.  That is when we love someone no matter what!  Mothers are generally good at this.  Or on the other side: when [...]

Watercolor Meditation


It’s been a hard week or a stressful weekend, leaving you tired and crabby. How about trying a little art therapy this week?  Watercolor meditation might be just the [...]

Over Emotional


Have you ever had a time when you experienced a flood of emotion over something and others thought you were over reacting?  Maybe they thought your heartbreak was over the [...]

2 Minutes Fountain Relaxation


I am currently on an extended vacation.  One of the things that I have been enjoying is time to just sit and relax by this fountain.  The sight and the sound seemed to wash [...]

Bitter Sweet Days

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Today is Mother’s Day and for many mothers it is more of a bitter day than a happy one.  There are moms out there that have lost a child.  Moms who don’t have [...]

Derby Day Story


In honor of Derby Day I would like to share with you my favorite Kentucky Derby story that I blogged about in 2014.  Please follow the link below:   [...]