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The 2 Minute Journal

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Look for one thing today that felt meaningful to you.  Write down the event and explain why it was meaningful. You can do this in a journal or on the napkin at lunch to then [...]

The Gratitude Journal

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Gratitude can do so much to raise your happiness bar that I am reposting this. Noting what you are grateful for is trending right now. Gratitude is one thing that will [...]

Six Word Memoir


I have a writing challenge for you today. Describe your life or a life event in just six words.  The famous example of this comes from Ernest Hemingway, who was challenged [...]

The Secret Sauce

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When it comes to being happy everyone is looking for the secret sauce. That stuff that adds flavor.  We all run around trying new things and new people looking for that [...]

Over Emotional

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Have you ever had a time when you experienced a flood of emotion over something and others thought you were over reacting?  Maybe they thought your heartbreak was over the [...]

Improving Your Self-Perception


Here is a journaling exercise to help you improve your perception of yourself.  Whether you want to believe it or not some days you having it going on.  How you talk to [...]

Emotional Triggers

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An emotional trigger is something that provokes a strong emotional reaction.  A trigger can be something small like a sound, smell, taste, touch, or just a glimpse of an [...]

Keep Calm & Journal


Keep Calm and Journal.  Try journaling just 10 minutes a day.  Write whatever comes to mind.  Don’t judge it in any way.  Don’t worry about penmanship, [...]

Faking That Smile?


“Faking it ’til you make it, ”   is sometimes good advise when you’re stuck in an emotional habit.  However, always putting a smile on your face [...]