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Thanks for Everything

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Gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, enjoy good experiences, deal with adversity, build strong relationships, and improve their health.  Here are ways to feel [...]

Core Beliefs

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Core beliefs are beliefs about ourselves, other people and the world we live in. They are things that we hold to be absolute truths deep down. Essentially core beliefs [...]

Cultivating Self-Trust


Trusting ourselves is vital to our happiness.  Without self-trust you will end up being swayed by others to spend your life in ways incongruent to who we are, your goals and [...]

4 Things That Help You Handle Stress

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There are 4 things that can improve your ability to handle life, stress, and mental illness.  We have been told this over and over, but they seem small and insignificant.  [...]

Private Time

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Are you answering emails at breakfast, lunch, and dinner?  Getting up at 5AM to do the laundry?  Baking school cupcakes at 10PM?  Reading work related material in bed at [...]

Spring Cleaning

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You may have all  ready began some spring cleaning.  Maybe cleaning house, dragging stuff out of the garage so you can put the car in, or maybe just finally straightening [...]

Thank You Challenge

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How about making happy by taking this 21 day thank you challenge?! For the next 21 days you send a quick thank you to someone.  Choose someone different every day.  Send [...]

15 Minutes of Cardio Exercise

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Just 15 minutes of cardio exercise a day will improve your happiness levels. I hit the treadmill every day first thing in the morning. This starts my day off with a flow of [...]

2 Minute Meditation

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We have all read about the benefits of meditation.  Many of you feel you just don’t have time, but even just 2 minutes a day could make a difference in your level of [...]

The 2 Minute Journal

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Look for one thing today that felt meaningful to you.  Write down the event and explain why it was meaningful. You can do this in a journal or on the napkin at lunch to then [...]