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Own Your Feelings

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Did you know that we all experience 10 to 15 emotions every day?  If you have noticed this about yourself it means you are human, not overly emotional or too sensitive.  Be [...]

The Secret Sauce

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When it comes to being happy everyone is looking for the secret sauce. That stuff that adds flavor.  We all run around trying new things and new people looking for that [...]

Unconditional Happiness

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We all have a good idea of what unconditional love is.  That is when we love someone no matter what!  Mothers are generally good at this.  Or on the other side: when [...]

Habits of Happiness


Today I thought I would share an interesting TED talk with you on meditation or mind training.  This 20 minute talk opens the idea that we need to be caring for our minds [...]

Doing Nothing?


Doing nothing is never a waste of time.  That is if you are really doing nothing.  Just sitting enjoying the thoughts in your own head.  Resting your mind and body.  [...]

Dealing With Rejection


Everyone has been rejected a some point in life.  It is part of the human experience.  We all lose friends, get turned down for a date, don’t get the job or [...]



Every year when I watch the Golden Globes I am reminded of something that Anne Hathaway said on the 2013 show.  And every year I feel the need to reshare this blog post.  [...]

5 Skills To Develop For More Happiness

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Here are 5 skills to develop to improve your mental health and increase your happiness. Learn to ask for what you need.  Getting your needs met plays an important role in [...]

5 Things To Spend Your Money On


What are you spending your money on to help you feel better and cope with your anxiety, depression, and stress.  Be honest.  How much money are you devoting to alcohol, [...]