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Sheltering with Depression

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Sheltering in place with depression can be a difficult ordeal.  Stuck at home can really increase the symptoms of depression.  Feeling all alone in the world, sad, and [...]

Now That You’re Home


Here we are sheltering in place and staying at home.  Some of us are working from home, some of us are just home.  All the fun is canceled. We know we are all in this [...]

Negative Thoughts

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Everyone has negative thoughts.  The brain is actually hard wired for negative thoughts. Negative thoughts are important, they keep you safe.  These are the thoughts that [...]

15 Minutes of Cardio Exercise

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Just 15 minutes of cardio exercise a day will improve your happiness levels. I hit the treadmill every day first thing in the morning. This starts my day off with a flow of [...]


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Forgiveness is about us moving on from the past.  Forgiveness isn’t about condoning wrongdoing.  It’s not about us deciding that what the other person did is [...]

Over Emotional

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Have you ever had a time when you experienced a flood of emotion over something and others thought you were over reacting?  Maybe they thought your heartbreak was over the [...]

Frozen Prayers

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Have you given up on getting what you need from the Universe?  Maybe you have stopped putting in effort toward your dream?  Tired?  Uninspired? Feeling hopeless?  Frozen [...]

My Shades Are Open


My shades and curtains are wide open and I suggest you open yours too.  It is a cold, snowy, grey day out there.  It seems void of light.  The truth is there is a little [...]