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Doing Nothing?

Doing nothing is never a waste of time.  That is if you are really doing nothing.  Just sitting enjoying the thoughts in your own head.  Resting your mind and body.  Daydreaming?  Not watching TV or swiping your phone.  Just being alone with you.

Why isn’t this a waste of time?  Your body and mind are getting needed rest.  This non-activity clears your mind and gives it a reboot.  The time can be used to problem solve by giving you space to think without pressure.  Time for daydreaming and getting to know more about what you want and need to be happy.  Time to just be you without any input from others. After doing nothing for awhile you will feel more rested, energized and there for you will be more productive.

Here is how to do it.  Find a place away from others.  A room inside is fine, but out in nature will have added benefits.  My cat knows how to do it.  Just find a cozy chair with a warm throw and curl up for a while. You might relax more with a cup of tea.  Just sit a stare out the window.  A few minutes or an hour to just sit and breath.  Enjoy!

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6 Comments on Doing Nothing?

  1. I find it very hard to sit and do nothing, it was picked up on in therapy very early on and I was tasked with trying to be still with my thoughts (Think I may have pulled a face at the idea!). I have practiced meditation and am able to focus on my breath which is calming but I still cannot do nothing.
    The closest I get to complete mental freedom is when I am swimming, where my mind wanders freely.


    • Sometimes I find it hard to sit and do nothing too. The harder it is the more I know I need it. Last night I tried an exercise where you sit on the floor for 15 minutes and do nothing. It was the longest 15 minutes of the week! I do it because I feel it is important to be alone with my thoughts and feelings. Including feelings of discomfort of doing nothing. I find it easier to do with a cup of tea in my hand. Or watching the world blow by my window.

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  2. #nondoing #nothing #donothing


  3. Doing absolutely nothing is so good for you! Staring at your belly button. Staring out of the window. Just being. So good.

    Jo, Hampshire UK
    Creating My Odyssey – Liberating the Real Me After Thirty Years Of Depression and Anxiety


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