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Now That You’re Home


Here we are sheltering in place and staying at home.  Some of us are working from home, some of us are just home.  All the fun is canceled. We know we are all in this [...]

4 Things That Help You Handle Stress

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There are 4 things that can improve your ability to handle life, stress, and mental illness.  We have been told this over and over, but they seem small and insignificant.  [...]

Negative Thoughts

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Everyone has negative thoughts.  The brain is actually hard wired for negative thoughts. Negative thoughts are important, they keep you safe.  These are the thoughts that [...]

5 Apps to Calm


I never thought I would use my smart phone for anything other than phoning and texting, but it wasn’t long before I was downloading all kinds of apps that do all kinds [...]

3 Things You Can Stop Worrying About


Number one.  You can stop worrying that you think too much. Most people have around 50,000 thoughts per day.  50,000!  Can be even more. Number two.  You can stop [...]

Own Your Feelings

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Did you know that we all experience 10 to 15 emotions every day?  If you have noticed this about yourself it means you are human, not overly emotional or too sensitive.  Be [...]

Why Worry?

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We all worry.  Some of us more than others.  Some of us believe that if we worry it will keep the bad things from happening.  I secretly believe that if I worry I will [...]

Emotional Triggers

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An emotional trigger is something that provokes a strong emotional reaction.  A trigger can be something small like a sound, smell, taste, touch, or just a glimpse of an [...]

What To Do When Having A Panic Attack!


As a therapist I am asked daily what to do about panic attacks.  Here are some ideas to help you cope. First acknowledge your having a panic attack.  In other words this is [...]

My Shades Are Open


My shades and curtains are wide open and I suggest you open yours too.  It is a cold, snowy, grey day out there.  It seems void of light.  The truth is there is a little [...]