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2 Minute Meditation

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We have all read about the benefits of meditation.  Many of you feel you just don’t have time, but even just 2 minutes a day could make a difference in your level of [...]

5 Apps to Calm


I never thought I would use my smart phone for anything other than phoning and texting, but it wasn’t long before I was downloading all kinds of apps that do all kinds [...]

Mind the Moment

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Sharing a resource I think you will find helpful.  Meditation can be great for releasing stress and bringing peace and calm to your day.  Choose the guided meditation that [...]

Watercolor Meditation


It’s been a hard week or a stressful weekend, leaving you tired and crabby. How about trying a little art therapy this week?  Watercolor meditation might be just the [...]

Sitting With Yourself


Spending time with friends, family, and coworkers is great and great for you.  Collaborative thinking can help you to solve problems and move in a positive direction. [...]

A Simple Meditation


Need to chill out?  Practice this simple kundalini meditation.  Sit in a comfortable position with your back straight.  Say “peace” as you tap you thumb to you [...]

Nature Sounds


The sounds of nature have long been soothing to humans.  Bird calls, rushing water, a breeze through the trees, rain against the window pane.  One of my favorite apps gives [...]