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New Years Resolutions 10 Tips

Resolutions are usually about making a life change. Only about 8% of resolutions last for more than 30 days.  Here are some tips for making a lifelong change.

  1.   Be clear about why you are making this resolution. It should be something that you can see is connected to the bigger picture of your life. Or maybe a bigger goal.
  2.   It must have meaning for you.  Doesn’t matter how much others want you to reach this goal if means nothing to you your motivation will fade.
  3.   Be specific.  I talked about that is the last post.
  4.   Plan for failure.  Things will  happen to derail your plans. Have a plan for what you will do to get back on track.
  5.   Small steps get you to your destination.  The old saying, “Don’t bite off more than you can chew,” applies here.
  6.   Ask for support from others.  Make sure those “others” are on board. Do they       believe it what you are doing.  Would they benefit from leading you away from your goal?
  7.   Self-kindness.  Don’t beat yourself up when you slip.
  8.   Be flexible. When life throws you a curve, adjust your plan. Don’t give up.  It isn’t a   sign you should quit.  it just means “LIFE HAPPENS.”
  9.  If your resolution involves giving something up.  Make plans to surf through the  cravings. Chew gum, don’t smoke. Walk, don’t eat.  Breath deeply allow the craving to pass.  You don’t have to always respond to a craving or a thought.
  10. Increase your willpower.  How? By getting enough sleep, eating right, engaging in physical exercise.




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