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Last Minute Gift Ideas

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Could you use some last minute gift ideas? Send a bouquet of flowers to be delivered to her work.  A long heart filled letter.  Tell them what you love about them. What [...]

One Moment Of Calm


Sharing with you a short one minute of calm from my summer vacation.  Breath deeply. Enjoy this minute.   [...]

Core Beliefs

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Core beliefs are beliefs about ourselves, other people and the world we live in. They are things that we hold to be absolute truths deep down. Essentially core beliefs [...]

Cultivating Self-Trust


Trusting ourselves is vital to our happiness.  Without self-trust you will end up being swayed by others to spend your life in ways incongruent to who we are, your goals and [...]

A Favorite TEDTalk

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Most depression is caused by situations in our lives and things we need that are missing like belonging and purpose.  Depression and anxiety are messagers telling us that we [...]

4 Things That Help You Handle Stress

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There are 4 things that can improve your ability to handle life, stress, and mental illness.  We have been told this over and over, but they seem small and insignificant.  [...]

Private Time

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Are you answering emails at breakfast, lunch, and dinner?  Getting up at 5AM to do the laundry?  Baking school cupcakes at 10PM?  Reading work related material in bed at [...]

Doing It Your Way


You need to be living your life your way.  To fit your personality, not someone else’s.  Trying to do it all the way others do or say you should only leads to feels [...]