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New Years Resolutions 10 Tips

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Resolutions are usually about making a life change. Only about 8% of resolutions last for more than 30 days.  Here are some tips for making a lifelong change.   Be clear [...]

Last Minute Gift Ideas

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Could you use some last minute gift ideas? Send a bouquet of flowers to be delivered to her work.  A long heart filled letter.  Tell them what you love about them. What [...]

One Moment Of Calm


Sharing with you a short one minute of calm from my summer vacation.  Breath deeply. Enjoy this minute.   [...]

Core Beliefs

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Core beliefs are beliefs about ourselves, other people and the world we live in. They are things that we hold to be absolute truths deep down. Essentially core beliefs [...]

Cultivating Self-Trust


Trusting ourselves is vital to our happiness.  Without self-trust you will end up being swayed by others to spend your life in ways incongruent to who we are, your goals and [...]

A Favorite TEDTalk

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Most depression is caused by situations in our lives and things we need that are missing like belonging and purpose.  Depression and anxiety are messagers telling us that we [...]

4 Things That Help You Handle Stress

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There are 4 things that can improve your ability to handle life, stress, and mental illness.  We have been told this over and over, but they seem small and insignificant.  [...]

Private Time

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Are you answering emails at breakfast, lunch, and dinner?  Getting up at 5AM to do the laundry?  Baking school cupcakes at 10PM?  Reading work related material in bed at [...]