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Embrace Your Moods

Embrace your moods.  All of them?  Yes, all of them.  One of the gifts humans have is the ability to be sensitive to their moods, to be empathic to others, to listen to gut feelings, to see what is going on and what needs to be done.  It is almost impossible to do that if we water down our natural emotions.

I am not saying that people with psychiatric disorders stop taking their medications.  I am saying that we should not numb down all of our emotionality.  Not with prescribed medications, alcohol, or other substances.

Human feelings are important feedback.  Irritation or resentment could be telling you that things are out of balance in your relationships.  Depression may mean something in your life needs to change.  Embrace your moods, don’t silent the emotions that are telling you that changes need to be made.  It is possible to medicate yourself into a state in which you don’t care.  Don’t care to the point that you tolerate bad relationships, abusive partners, or a boss that takes advantage of you.

Antidepressants and anxiety meds have their place. Some people will need a little help for a life time, others might use them during a hard time.  You may wish to take a hard look at your medications if you are needing more and more to remain happy and relaxed.   You may wish to make a change if taking these meds means becoming less and less your real self. All medication for anxiety and antidepressants can improve your moods to the point that you become very accommodating.  Many people taking these meds end up suppressing their own agendas and desires.  Yes, they do keep you from feeling your emotions so deeply. That is not always a good thing.  many of my clients complain to me that they can’t cry even when they really need to, like after the death of a loved one.  Also remember that all emotions may be suppressed not just the pain, you may feel less joy and happiness as well.

Try therapy instead or at least include it as part of your treatment.  In therapy you will learn to create new patterns of behavior that will help you through what is happening now.  Also can help you become more resilient in the future.  Taking medication doesn’t change your life.  Drugs don’t teach you new skills and healthier coping strategies.  I encourage you to listen to your emotions, embrace your moods, and do the hard work of therapy.

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