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Relaxing Your Way

A friend says, “Hey you need to relax.  Come on over and we will sit on the patio with a glass of wine, chewing the fat.”  I am a therapist!  How is sitting around listening to more people tell me about what is going on with them going to be relaxing?  I don’t want to go to the movies and listen to made up problems either, not fun or relaxing for me.  Activities with lots of people and noise not for me either. These things will be overwhelming to me and create more stress not less.

Even cleaning house sounds more relaxing than the above suggestions. I want PEACE.  I want to sit in front of a fire with a cup of tea and read.  I want to paint, listen to music, play with my cat, and garden.

What do you need and want to relax?  Do it your way.  I often make relaxation suggestions to clients; only to have them recoil with the statement  “That will stress me out!”  That is good to know.  Now I can help them find a relaxing activity, moving in another direction. You can use this technique to find relaxing activities for yourself if you are having trouble.  Find a list of relaxing activities on-line.  Go through the list see what you might wish to try and say no to what doesn’t sound right for you.

If you know what you like, go and relax your way.  Don’t let others pressure you into something that is not for you.  Relaxation is important.  Take time for it.  Give yourself permission to do it your way.

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