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Is your definition of happiness making you unhappy?

There is some things you should know about happiness.  You know that wonderful, giddy, joyous feeling you get when everything is going right, you are in a new relationship, or you have received some type of reward.  If this giddy feeling is what you believe happiness is you are going to be disappointed.  As great as it may be, feeling like that ALL the time is what we call “mania” and is not normal.  It is normal to feel that type of happy only about 15 percent of the time.  It is also normal to feel sad or unhappy about 15 percent of the time.  After all there are going to be times when you lose, when good things end, and loved ones die.

The other 70 percent of the time?  Satisfied with your life. Think of that as your new definition for happiness.  Being satisfied with your life is a choice, you can make that happen.  Creating a belief that everything has to be “right” to be happy is defeating. Not everything is going to be perfect at once.  There is always something going on from horrible illness, and broken hot water heaters to crayon marks on the wall.  You will go through many peaks and valleys in a life span.  Giddy happiness and great sadness will come and go.

To be more satisfied with your life try these ideas:

Be grateful for what you have today.

Work toward improvements and changes.

Choose to be positive even in upsetting situations.

Stop giving your power to people and situations that make you unhappy.

Recognize your worth.

Decrease drama.

Look in the mirror every day and say,  “I am a good person, it’s a good day, and it’s a wonderful life.”  You may think this one is a hokey suggestion, but research shows it reduces stress and creates change in your life.

These things will help you to develop satisfaction.  a.k.a.  Happiness.

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