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Faking That Smile?

“Faking it ’til you make it, ”   is sometimes good advise when you’re stuck in an emotional habit.  However, always putting a smile on your face and lying to yourself and others isn’t going to make you happier.  In fact, denying your emotions can actually increase your levels of unhappiness, stress, and anxiety. Embracing how you truly feel can be very helpful.

  1.  It is helpful to talk about your situation.  It is hard to vent or brain storm solutions with others if you have a fake smile drawn on your face. Sometimes just talking to others can make you feel more hopeful and therefore –happier.
  2. If you are denying your feelings, you may also be denying the problem.  Admitting there is a problem is the first step in making the changes required to solve it. If the problem can be solved you could be happier.
  3. You miss the opportunity to change your perspective when you deny feelings.  For an example; let’s say you have negative feelings about your job.  If you move through your day denying these feelings you will never stop to think about the positives of your job.  You are making money, your bills are paid, you are meeting new people, maybe you are helping others, whatever.  These positive thoughts could make you happier with your job.
  4. Recognizing that you are having difficult feelings and then focusing on what you need to feel more positive may get you to a happy place in just a few small moves.

I suggest that you take out your journal and write about how you are actually feeling about the situations in your life. Brain storm with yourself and your journal.  What needs are not being met?  What is the problem?  What changes could change the situation?  What changes could change your feelings about the situation?  What postives things can you say about the situation?  Then take action!  Be happier 🙂



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