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Happy on Social Media

The studies are in and they show the more time we spend on social media the more likely we are to be depressed.  You are probably not going to read that line and then delete all your accounts.  So here are a few ideas to keep you happy while tapping and snapping.

  1. You don’t need to be on every social media form out there.  Choose one or two.
  2. When you post something let it go for a few hours to a few days.  That checking in to see how you have scored isn’t good for your mental health.
  3. Don’t follow people who upset you.  Don’t follow your ex.  Don’t follow friends who brag all the time or shove their views down your throat.  Don’t follow haters.  Ask yourself, “Does this person inspire me?”  Block anyone who’s posts make you upset , sad, or angry on a regular basis.
  4. Don’t just lurk.  Posting and commenting is where the benefits of social media are.  People feel closer to others and better about themselves when they directly interact with others.  So interact — like it, comment on it, share it.
  5. Block haters.  Don’t engage with cyberbullies.
  6. Feeling bored and lonely.  Pick up your phone, but don’t scroll.  Call someone instead.
  7. Feeling angry or sad.  Social media is an outlet for expressing how we feel and receiving support.
  8. Needing support?  Don’t post to the crowd.  Reach out to someone specific.
  9. Don’t pick up your phone every spare moment.  Remember it is very important to check in with you.  What are you feeling, what are your goals, what tasks do you need to be engaging in?  Or spend a few moments in meditation or prayer.
  10. Never look before bed.  Posts can rev up your emotions.  Good sleep makes you happier.
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