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New Year’s Resolutions

Many of us make New Year’s resolutions every year and many of us have all ready broken them by January 18th. The good news is you get another shot at starting again, the Chinese New Year starts on the 28th of January this year.

May I suggest that before that date you open your journal and do a little writing:

  1. What did you accomplish last year?  How did you get it done?  This is a hint on how you work and the way you “get r done.”  Use this insight in planning for next year.  Doing things someone else’s way isn’t going to work for you.
  2. Where there any unexpected events last year? How were you affected by these events?  What did you learn that you might wish to include when planning for your future?
  3. What were last year’s disappointments?  Failures?  Missed opportunities?  What insights come up ?   What might you need to put some effort into to accomplish these goals this year?  Examples: Do you need to lower expectations?  Do you need to say “Yes” more than you do?   Do you need to make better step by step plans to get to your destination?  Do you need to take a class?  Do you need to ask for help?    Work these insights into your plans for the year.
  4. What things did you have on your year’s plan that you never got around to?  Why?  Was your heart not in it?  Is it someone else’s goal for you?  Is it something you think you “should’ do, but really don’t want to?  Take this stuff off your list.
  5. What did you put most of your time into last year?  What does that tell you?

Take what you have learned from writing out the questions above and make a new plan.

Make a plan not a list of resolutions.

Give your plan a positive feel.  Eat healthy, not diet.  Enjoy exercise, not workout daily.  Save for your dream trip instead of buying smokes, candy bars, soda, and expensive coffee. You are more likely to go for something that you gain than to put effort into giving something up.

Make your plan realistic. Think about it, you may really want to go to the gym every day, but will you be able to do that?  Would walking 3 times a week be more realistic?  How long will that fad diet last? May be switching your daily candy habit out for a baby carrot habit would be all you need to lose a few pounds.

Make a step by step plan.  If you are not sure what the steps should be talk to someone you know that has accomplished your goal.  Or at least google how to start an art career.   Then draw out the steps you will take.

Be open to changing the plan as needed.  There is no reason to wait until next year to try it a different way.

Don’t forget to enjoy the journey, make memories, and celebrate your accomplishments!



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