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Every year when I watch the Golden Globes I am reminded of something that Anne Hathaway said on the 2013 show.  And every year I feel the need to reshare this blog post.  I wrote about it in The Something To Think About Blog Here’s the post:

Did you watch the Golden Globes last night? 

     I have to thank Anne Hathaway who won Best Performance By An Actress In A Motion Picture.  I have to thank Anne for introducing the idea that even Golden Globe winners sometimes suffer from self-doubt.  Ms.  Hathaway said; “Thank you for this lovely blunt object , that I will forever use as a weapon against self-doubt.” 
     I loved that!  I had to think what do I have that I can use as a weapon against self-doubt.  As I looked around I found licenses, diplomas, and art hanging on my walls.
     Look around for some weapons against self-doubt for yourself.  Hang up your art and diplomas.  Frame articles you wrote or were written about you.  Put your photos on your computer’s desk top.
      Remember everyone battles with self-doubt from time to time.  You are in good company.
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