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5 Things To Spend Your Money On

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What are you spending your money on to help you feel better and cope with your anxiety, depression, and stress.  Be honest.  How much money are you devoting to alcohol, drugs, foods that aren’t a necessity, porn, and going out every night?  I dare you to sit down with your calculator and truly crunch the numbers.  You will be shocked.

Here are Five Things to Spend Your Money On That Will Improve Your Mental Health:

  1. Therapy   (at least a few sessions)
  2. Self Help Books  (3 books for each issue, because you want more than one opinion)
  3. Relaxation or Guided Meditation CD’s or App’s  
  4. Hobby Supplies  
  5. Vacations (even a little time away from it all)


About Geraldine M. Brown MS, LPC, LIMHP (162 Articles)
I hold a Master's Degree in counseling. I am a licensed professional counselor and a licensed independent mental health practitioner. I have over 25 years of experience counseling people from all walks of life.

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