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Why I Started This Blog

A reader sent me a message thanking me for this blog and asking me why I began writing it.

I began this blog for my counseling clients.  Therapy sessions are short.  It seemed there was always something I wished we had a little more time for sharing.  Breathing techniques, ideas for improving mental health on a daily basis, journaling, resources and more.  So I began writing the blog as something I could refer clients to.  My hope was that they could find help and encouragement here.  Clients began sharing posts with friends and family.  So I decided to go public with the blog hoping it would become a helpful resource for others outside of my counseling practice.

I thank you for your readership and hope that you do find help and encouragement through this website.


About Geraldine M. Brown MS, LPC, LIMHP (162 Articles)
I hold a Master's Degree in counseling. I am a licensed professional counselor and a licensed independent mental health practitioner. I have over 25 years of experience counseling people from all walks of life.

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