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I Couldn’t Get Through The Day Without Exercise!

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That is what I said, “I couldn’t get through the day without exercise.  I often look at people who tell me they never exercise with awe.  I can’t believe they are functioning at all!  I know I wouldn’t be!  Exercise is my go to stress reliever.

I hit the treadmill every day first thing in the morning.  This starts my day off  with a flow of  brain chemicals that will make my day great.  Exercise increases serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine.  Serotonin will increase my energy levels to help me meet the challenges of my day and raise my spirits.  Dopamine sometimes called the “motivation brain chemical”  will get me going on that to-do-list.  Then there is norepinephrine which is going to help me get through my work day and improve the therapy sessions that I do.  Norepinephrine will help me stay alert and focused, increase my ability to concentrate, and…

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I hold a Master's Degree in counseling. I am a licensed professional counselor and a licensed independent mental health practitioner. I have over 25 years of experience counseling people from all walks of life.

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