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Healthy Romantic Relationships

If you enjoy movies or reading romantic novels you have been exposed to a view of romantic relationships that are not realistic or healthy.  Healthy romantic relationships are not about fighting, game playing, stocking, and jealousy.  These kinds of relationships are entertaining, but all that chaos isn’t fun in real life.

Healthy relationships are about love that isn’t selfish.  There is give and take.

Healthy romantics communicate.  They talk about problems, issues, feelings, and dreams.  They are able to be themselves in these conversations.  They are honest with themselves and their partners.  They listen very closely and check out what was said to avoid misunderstandings.

In healthy relationships there is unconditional acceptance. You need acceptance in your relationships, you need to feel accepted in your own home in order to grow and be happy.

Have a health relationship by being loving and caring.  By honoring yourself and your partner.  Exercise self-control in the things you do and say.  Be responsible.  Tell the truth.  Have faith in your partner.  Build a vision of the future that you want to share as a couple.  Work to build and keep trust.

I am sharing a  link below to a handout that I use in couples therapy and with individuals trying to make a decision about their current relationship.

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